Beware-Top 10 Things You Must Know Before Hiring A JFK Car Service, For An Airport Pickup

It can be really stressful to plan your travel. If you are flying out of a busy airport like The John F Kennedy International Airport you have to plan every step carefully. To confirm your transportation beforehand to avoid last minute anxiety, hiring car services instead of taxis comes in handy. If you are thinking of hiring a limousine, Beware-Top 10 things you must know before hiring a JFK car service.

Note down the terminal number so that the car can pick you up at the correct gate. If you are departing from JFK, getting a taxi to drop you can be next to impossible in the boroughs. Livery cars can help out here as they are booked through the phone. They cannot be hailed like cabs, even though this does occur. It is illegal to flag them down and if you do, there is no system in place to file complaints if it goes wrong.

They are called black cars, dollar cabs, gypsy cabs, livery cabs, limos and car services. They are owned by a base which is answerable to the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission or the TLC, which has passed new laws to streamline the service. To confirm the authenticity of the cab, look for stickers carrying the base name, license number and telephone number on the car, on the sides or back, including the rear quarter windows.

These cars also have special license plates marked livery or TLC. Once seated, look for the license card of the driver that is available at the back of the driver seat. Also go through the Passenger Bill of Rights available near the back of the front passenger seat.

Always ask about the fare before you hire them. You can ask the dispatcher about the charge for the trip. The passenger always pays the toll charges for bridges, tunnels and highways, though you should be careful about how much you are charged. The trip is not metered. It is usually a flat rate. The typical fare for a pick up from JFK to Manhattan is around sixty dollars, more or less. The charge includes only the base fare. The passenger has to pay the fare agreed upon along with the toll charges and a tip for the driver.

A tip of fifteen to twenty percent is expected. Always do remember to tip more for better service. An example of that would be if the cabbie helps with your luggage. If the service is really bad, there is no obligation to tip. If the cab was flagged down and the rate was negotiated with the driver, again, there is no need to tip but you may tip a dollar or two anyway.

You can pay with credit and debit cards, without a fee. Sign the receipt if it amounts to more than twenty five dollars. There is no need to give your card to the driver. A card scanner is located at the back. The tip can also be added to the bill here. If the driver refuses to accept the card or overcharges you call 311 to complain and also contact your credit card company for a refund.

Any card with a Visa or Master card logo has to be accepted by the driver. They cannot refuse to let you pay with a card under the pretext of a broken scanner. While making a complaint, quote the license number.

The credit card information is safe. For debit cards, the pin numbers do not have to be entered. Only signature based cards are used. The driver must hand over the receipt of payment. If he doesn’t, ask for it.

The illegal services are not allowed to cruise the airport or the roads, for that matter, looking for customers. However, it regularly happens and people get fooled into hiring them as they promise to charge lower than the licensed black cabs. This can be very dangerous as there is no authority to whom you can complain in case of overcharging or rudeness. When you are not sure about their authenticity, try to consult an airport employee.

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