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How to: A Car Stereo Installation Guide


If you have ever looked into buying a new car stereo system, you probably realize that the costs of having it professionally installed can almost double the cost of your new system. But there is always the other option: do it yourself. While a car stereo installation can be complicated, there is nothing in particular that prevents you from doing ...

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Live the Music You Hear With Sony Stereos


Sony Stereos has the top-of-the-line products with the latest technology infused in each of the stereo system. Sony is known for its high acoustic quality. The sound quality is crystal clear and adds to the décor of the car. Most of them can connect with any source of music, like Ipod, Bluetooth, etc. the three-band equalization ensures optimum quality to ...

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Tips to Buy Car CD Players


No one who buys the car says no to CD player ,a car without a CD player is something like life with no fun. Moreover CD players sounds good than any other audio systems that you know like tapes and even radios.No one prefer to travel boredom in their car i guess that you too belong to the same category.Everyone ...

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Make a Logical Progression to Quality Sound With Kenwood Stereos


Do you get bored of driving long distances with no company to entertain you? Its time you considered investing into a Kenwood stereo system, your companion to combat loneliness while driving. The head unit of Kenwood stereos is a class apart. It is loud, powerful and clear even at the lowest audio levels. With high demanding equalizers and frequency distribution, ...

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Car Audio Systems & Car Stereo


The most common and familiar piece of audio equipment is the radio/tape player/CD player/DVD Player which is generically described as a Head unit, which also can be called a head deck. It is also the most likely component to be upgraded with an aftermarket item. A recent development in head unit technology has been the addition of CD players with ...

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Drive-In Theaters Or Driving Theaters? Today’s On-Board Vehicle Entertainment


There was a time when a static-filled sound box and a bag of greasy drive-in popcorn had to suffice for vehicle theater entertainment. Today’s vehicle manufacturers have taken the theater experience of yesteryear and brought it into the 21st century with a virtual in-car entertainment system. Portable device interfaces, media players and satellite television are just a few emerging technologies ...

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In-Vehicle Radio Performance


Drivers have had a long love affair with their car audio systems. A smooth ride and even smoother tunes are an impeccable combination. Gone are the days of static and fade-out car audio systems. Today’s vehicles are being designed by tech-savvy automotive engineers for HD and satellite capabilities. Advanced reception systems reduce interference and provide best-quality signals. Indeed, technology is ...

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How to Find the Best Deals With Wholesale Car Audio?


Car audio systems, as one of the most desired luxury items currently, are very much in demand. But in order to obtain this luxury item, many people want to get hold of the cheapest yet high-quality audio systems if possible. Almost all products are available from manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and customers. Basically, wholesale rates are provided by retailers that exclusively ...

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BMW 3 Series Audio Systems


Most BMW fans have been quite pleased with the BMW 3 series audio by Harman Kardon, which has generally been rated as being one of the best in the world. According to the automotive website, “. . . the bass is deep, the highs are clear and the system sounds good no matter what type of music you’re listening ...

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BMW 5 Series Audio Information


Hier ist eine frage sehr interessant: Was bedeudet “Freude im Fahren” auf englisch? If you understood the above sentence and you are an American or Canadian Bimmer fan, you are indeed “hard core. ” For the rest who don’t remember their high school German, the phrase freude im fahren means “Joy in Driving” – a description of the BMW that ...

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