Why Use High Torque Band Clamps

When you have a new exhaust system, you expect the best out of it in terms of performance, and functionality. This effect is contributed to by the way your exhaust pipes are interconnected such that there are minimum leakages. Band clamps are ideal for these functions for the following reasons.

Fast and easy

Holding your exhaust system using band clamps is easy, the installation and removal time of your exhaust system is cut down. These are semi permanent, you can always remove them with ease when need arises.

Tight seal

Unlike U clamps and flat band clamps, high torque clamps offer a tighter seal that will hold for longer and have no leaks. They seal in such a way that they do not deform the pipe hence the free flow of exhaust. Once bolted, they remain tight. Leakages affected the performance of your vehicle as they make the exhaust not perform in full capacity.

Size availability

Band clamps are available at different sizes depending of the diameter of your exhaust pipes. They range from 2” to 5” therefore you get to choose the one that best suits the size of your pipes and bolt them tightly. They will hold the pipes in place and I promise you, no clinking sound will be coming from underneath your vehicle.

Stainless Steel

The clamps come in all qualities you can think of. You sure want those that will last and give you long service. Good outlets like MagnaFlow will offer 100% stainless steel high torque bands. These do not rust and are long lasting you do not have to keep replacing them year in year out.

Better alternative to welding

Well, these accessories are being recommended you may be asking, what are we comparing them with? There are some garages, or friends that will convince you to weld your pipes in place. Welding involves application of extreme temperatures on the pipes so that they hold together. Welding may sometimes distort the pipes affecting the free flow of exhaust gases.

Sometimes during the welding process, the pipes may be perforated causing leakage of gases from the system. Band clamps on the other hand hold the pipes from the exterior hence no interference or leakages.

Ease at dismantling

A system held together by band clamps is easily dismantled. If an exhaust part needs to be replaced, like a muffler, disengaging it from the system will not be an uphill task; all you have to do is unbolt the clamps. A welded system on the contrary is cumbersome as it holds the whole system together as one. It therefore has to be removed all of it and well, this activity can be tasking.

Finally, having decided to use these functional accessories, you are probably asking, how much will these cost me? They are available at low prices and ships free at MagnaFlow outlets. Secure some and you will be humming to your favorite song as you drive, from the performance satisfaction you receive.

The author is a professional writer with interest and expertise in automotive accessories and maintenance. You can get more information on band clamps from MagnaFlow Exhaust Products.

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